Seismic tomography enables to model the internal structure of the Earth. The analysis of huge amounts of data leads to improvements in the precisio n of models. 1 juil. Sismicité et géométrie de l’interplaque 3 Sismique marine grand-angle et tomographie. Acquisition: sismique. 3 janv. d’autres laboratoires européens, les méthodes de sismique active et tomographie sismique en ondes SH et par inversion des ondes de.

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Calcul de rais en tomographie sismique. Showing of 10 references. Ray tracing graphics Search for additional papers on this topic. The continental crust above the flat slab has very heterogeneous seismic properties which correlate with important deformation structures and geological terranes at the surface.

GeorgeJohn G. Linear algebra Telecommuting Grid computing. Tomography Central processing unit.

Calcul de rais en tomographie sismique. Exploitation sur la grille

The alluvial plain would be relatively thicker downstream of the study area siskique 30 to 50m. All documents in ORBi are protected by a user license. We confirm previous studies that have shown that the thick lower crust of the present day Andean arc is non-eclogitized and maybe gomographie the felsic Chilenia terrane, whereas to the east, the Cuyania terrane in the backarc is more mafic and contains an eclogitized lower crust.


In International Parallel and Tomotraphie. The aim of our study is to assess, using a thermo-petrological-seismological approach, the differences of the overriding lithosphere between these two regions, in order to better understand the deep structure of the continental lithosphere above the flat slab, and the links between the deformations at the surface and at depth.

Topics Discussed in This Paper.

From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. In upstream of the alluvial plain, near the river, these methods were used to map the sandy to sandy-thin deposits m and the unfractured bedrock. We show evidence that the flat slab dehydrates within the mantle sosmique, but also along the subducting ridge prior to re-subducting.

Zones de subduction horizontale versus normale: Marianne Marot 1 Details. FosterNicholas T. In this basin, the main surface water tomograpbie for agricultural needs is constituted by a small perennial river, but in recent years this resource is insufficient to satisfy the uses in agriculture.

Skip to search form Skip to main content. This aquifer could be easily accessible with rudimentary structures such as sumps and could constitute a supplementary water source, for irrigation activities in this second region of Burkina Faso.

O pen R epository and Bi bliography.

SquyresAndrew LumsdaineWilliam L. This geometry is due to the faults and the magmatic intrusions. Ray tracing graphics Parallel computing Computation.


Ls clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. The analysis of huge amounts of data leads to improvements in the precisio n of models but requires massive computations.

Marianne Marot 1 AuthorId: Scientific congresses and symposiums: Thursday, March 13, – 5: Thursday, December 12, – 1: We show the most complete regional 3-D seismic tomography images of this region, whereby, in comparison to previous studies, we use 1 a much larger seismic dataset compiled from several short-term seismic catalogs, 2 a much denser seismic station network which enables us to resolve better the subduction zone.

tomographie sismique et électrique

We present a parallel application for seismi c ray-tracing and its exploitation on tkmographie experimental computational grid built over the Renater n twork. From a hydrogeological point of view, downstream of the study area, the alluvial plain would constitute an important aquifer with a high porosity and thick deposits.

Bandwidthcentric allocation of independent tasks on heterogeneous platforms.