Editorial Reviews. Review. “I don’t think any fans of Training Season will be disappointed in Look inside this book. Training Complex (Training Season Series Book 2) by [Blake, Leta] . Of course on a hotness scale it just explodes. SO HOT!. author. human. working hard to become stellar at life. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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Rob is strong but also lonely, caring, unpretentious, a sessuon dad, and, it turns out, an amazing boyfriend. Watching him struggle to choose between his love for Rob sessin his other boyfriend ‘ Figure Skating’ wasn’t always an easy read and the last quarter of the book had me biting my nails. I was wondering too…I actually thought Rob must be psychic Oct 20, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved the story, I loved Matty.

Dec 03, Macky rated it it was oeta Recommends it for: There were just certain aspects that I personally found hard to traning in stories I love. And no un-necessary drama. Sessiom not about two people falling in love and living happily ever after, although there is love so much love and a HEA.

I think I related with Rob on the overwhelming feelings he was having. I want a separate story for each and every one of them. As soon as “one” left Rob’s mouth, Matty released. But what I will say is that Leta Blake has crafted an original and compelling novel which I never wanted to end. Matty and Rob were so good together; their passion was vlake raw.


View all 55 comments. Matty comes off as selfish, especially at first, but that’s not a stretch for who he is and how Rob has approached his role as Dom. Matty is flamboyant, unapologetic, and fearless. I loved them more than the story. Thank goodness a lovely friend made the decision for me and sent it to me, damn she knows me well! Or is it just me?

Solange Asks Leta Blake 5 Awkward Questions

Things that don’t always work for me. I did here and didn’t regret it one bit and didn’t even wake up tired.

I would say that Rob Lovely is one of the top men I have read in books…ever. It actually felt personal. The story comes full sdssion and Neil gets his time. Truth be told, I was reluctant to give Training Season a try and ultimately I read it based on one glowing review but also because I saw the book popping up in my GR feed all the time.

Leta Blake

What made this book so hard to read is I understood the agony of Matty’s impending choice, his feelings of failure, his drive. The issue with judges recalled Toller Cranston, back in the day, skating his heart out and losing to more masculine, less unusual, skaters.

It gained attention on Goodreads and more people were reading it. So often kink is played out in dungeons, clubs, and playrooms what have you, but there are times when the kink is simply the rolls of dominance and submission and those rolls can be played out in so many ways.


The last part finds reincarnated Neil back in Joshua’s life in the future. He’s flamboyant, he’s fabulous, and he’s an elite athlete attempting to come back after a disastrous Olympic ssesion and an injury.

Training Complex (Training Season, #2) by Leta Blake

He’s flamboyant and fabulous, very gay and proud of it. It takes alot out of a person when you love them to put yourself first. Not everyone can fall in love with you at first sight like I did.

This was quite the unique story and one I didn’t wession to end.

View all 17 comments. It is but agony of desire. Mar 04, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: I really like Matty and Rob, love them together.

They made me that neurotic. And Matty is just a bit self-centered, and dealing with so much of his own stress and unhappiness with what he perceives as his failures, so he didn’t notice. This book broke me.