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Ley de educación provincial Capítulo IX Capítulo VI EL CONSEJO PROVINCIAL DE EDUCACIÓN Y TRABAJO. Capítulo VIII: La. d) Haber finalizado el nivel secundario, en los términos de la Ley N ° o equivalente, conforme lo establezca la reglamentación. e) Responder a las. ley de educacion provincial pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley de educacion provincial pdf. Will be grateful for .

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Tourism and Hospitality Act, [No. Regulates the creation of posts, employment, discipline, dismissal and training in relation to local government workers. Employees have the right to organize and enjoy protection for participation in trade union activities ss.

Chapter II deals with petroleum activities.

Mining Amendment Regulations Establishes the Teaching Council of Zambia and defines its functions and powers. Also establishes lsy compensation committee and procedures for assessing compensation. Amends various sections in the Act with respect to the meetings of the Commission as well as the role and functions of the Director General.

Establishes Agricultural Employees’ Compensation Committee.

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Made under Labour Relations Act. For instance, these shall not be allowed to establish or participate in establishing, managing or running private enterprises, limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships, cooperatives, private hospitals, private schools and private scientific research institutions. Regulates the employment and practice of teachers as well as the registration and accreditation of colleges of education.


Viewpoints and objectives 2.

Leadership Code [revokes the previous Code S. Finance and Management of Fund. Regulates objects of application of this Decision, and makes provision for reorganisation of state forestry farms, revision of the forest and forestry land areas, including allocation of land and forests to state forestry farms, responsibilities and powers of the state forestry farms in the management and use of their allocated forests, policies towards labourers, fiscal policy, and renewal of the organisation and management within the state forestry farms.

Woodworking Machinery Regulations Bases for identifying civil servant payrolls 5. Establishes a Compensation Committee and sets out procedures for its operation, addressing, inter alia, access to compensation, payment and appeals. Measures to carry out payroll reduction should also include retraining and early retirement. Divided into 12 parts. Regulations governing appointment ldy discipline of judicial officers other than Supreme High Court, High Court, or Commissioner of the High Court judges.

Supervisory management posts 3. Civil servants and classification of civil servants Section 2. The Ordinance on the practice of 1388 and the combat against wastefulness specifies measures to be taken to reduce wastefulness, which include the organization of workers employed by public bodies in a rational manner. Activities of the Scheme 6. Regulates the handling of discipline and material responsibility of public employees.

Provides that resistance war activists are entitled to enjoy lumpsum allowance calculated according to their respective seniority duration. Provides the regime for cost of living leey, other allowances and subsidies for public servants working overseas. The property in minerals, in their natural condition, in land is vested in the Republic of Vanuatu sect.



1368 Section 6 of these Regulations. Sets out the functions and powers of the different ranks in the police force. Amends section 4 of Police Act, allowing members of the police to serve outside Vanuatu in peace-keeping duties. Makes provision for responsibilities of persons engaged in security service business activities, responsibilities of the ministries, branches and the people’s committees in the management of security service business activities, and handling of violations.

Police Amendment Act No.

Local Administration Service Regulations Chapter I – General Provisions Chapter II – Term for periodical interchange and list of work positions whose holders are subject to periodical interchange Chapter III – Responsibilities of implementation of periodical interchange of work positions Chapter IV – Implementation provisions. Section 6 of the Labour Relations Domestic Workers Employment Amendment Regulations, is repealed and substitute with a new section on accommodation, transport, lights and fuel.

Decreto por el que se reglamentan normas sobre aportaciones a la seguridad social de trabajadores dependientes y no dependientes.

Civil servants who resign or retire due to reorganization shall comply with the Government’s Decree No. Provides for establishment of Agricultural Employees’ Compensation Committee.