Disregard TEMPO Charts distributed for this AD, AIP SUP 88/16 withdrawn. .. LFBO_AD2_AD 2 LFBO ADC 01_jpg. H. RWY. 14L. This airport has Airline (CAO) charts. Can be changed in settings. RADAR MNM ALTS R. RADAR MNM ALTS (DEGRADED) R1. ESISI 6N RNAV ARR. VATFrance will not be held responsible for your usage of the charts. . GNSS AD 2 LFBO DATA SID RWY NORTH RNAV CODE 01 AD 2 LFBO ARRDEP_DATA.

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LFBO – Toulouse Blagnac

I think this post is better understood just by watching the video find referenced charts below:. Main pages to follow the video are shown below:. Visual Approach to Blagnac. Visual Landing in Blagnac. Special attention to waypoint EB water tower and clockwise aerodrome circuit to land on 32L. Special attention to the crossing of 32R by way of M4 and N4. Departure from 32R by way of N1.

Today, August 30ththe time has come.

As Thierry proposed, we first made 3 tours de pistethat is 3 laps around he aerodrome circuit. Message to the radio the tower was not working by then, thus I sent a message to other aircraft in the frequency, I then went through the different check lists, going through each step in a mixture of Spanish and French I normally proceed with the list in French but then it felt strange to talk to myself in French thus: I had to align and take off rather quickly as there was another airplane about to announce its entry in finale.


Aerial view of the aerodrome Toulouse-Lasbordes, LFCL note that today evening the runway in use was the 34, thus, what you see closer is the end of the runway. From then on, an easy flight around the aerodrome that did not take very long but meant a big step for me ensued; a big reassurance.

Come on board with me…. Integration lfbl the aerodrome circuit: Then, just between Balma and Pin-Balma blue circles in the satellite image there is a farm which serves cahrts starting point for the aerodrome circuit.

There, I announced myself again: I believe that one has been the best landing I have performed so far. I then proceeded with the different check lists, went to the parking of the aeroclub, turned off the airplane… and that was it! Albi is small city close to Toulouse.

In Albi there is a car racing circuit. I have a colleague who likes cars, motor-bikes and has been already using that circuit in one of its open days. Let me connect the lfbk.


On Saturday, while having lunch, our colleague told us that the circuit in Albi was having an open day that precise day. He encouraged us to propose to our instructor to fly to Albi.

Toulouse Blagnac International Airport

And here comes the catch: We gave it a try, demanded our instructor to go to Albi and succeeded. See below the flight path recorded with my Garmin:.

In the following screenshot of the Visual Approach Chart carte VAC you may see how when the circuit IS active the runway of the aerodrome is shortened as the circuit crosses the runway! Finally, enjoy the video of the final approach of our flight.


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Blog by Javier. Home About me Book reviews Flight excursions Races. I think this post is better understood just by watching chart video find referenced charts below: Main pages to follow the video are shown below: See below the flight path recorded with my Garmin: Albi car racing circuit and aerdrome.