Watch movie and read libretto and translation of La donna e mobile, an aria for tenor from the Italian opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi. English Libretto or Translation: DUKE Women are as fickle as feathers in the wind, simple in speech. Verdi’s opera Rigoletto: containing the Italian text, with an English translation Libretto Text by F. M. Piave based on V. Hugo’s Le roi s’amuse. Rigoletto is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. The Italian libretto was written by . These include Jonathan Miller’s production for the English National Opera, which is set amongst the Mafia in New York City’s Little Italy during the.

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The courtiers take their revenge on Rigoletto by abducting Gilda and taking her to the Duke, assisted by a blindfold Rigoletto, fnglish thinks he is helping the abduction of Countess Ceprano. The Duke sings the cynical “Questa o quella” to a flippant tune and then further contrast is again achieved as he attempts to seduce the Countess Ceprano while the strings of a chamber orchestra onstage play an elegant rjgoletto.

Only those who want to should be faithful; without freedom there is no love. DUCA Ebben, sono con te How I enjoy snapping at your heels!

Il Duca corre per abbracciarla, ma ella gli sfugge. Frequent thunder and lightning. If you rely on her you will enblish it, and if you trust her you are undone! My hate upon you, sneering courtiers! The Duke and Maddalena continue to laugh and talk together as they drink.


Rigoletto | Libretto | English Translation |

Different characters portray different archetypes from the Rat Pack era, with the Duke becoming a Frank Sinatra -type character and Rigoletto becoming Don Rickles. In modern times, it has become a staple of the standard operatic repertoire.

Sparafucile drinks from the bottle which the Duke left unfinished.

Yet none can call himself fully contented who has not tasted love in her arms! Partita Gilda, Rigoletto va dietro la casa, e ritorna parlando con Sparafucile e contandogli delle monete.

Sleeping and waking, Itakian call to him, and my soul in ecstasy cries: But here I become another person! They greet each other warmly: DUCA A me che importa? Il Duca, in assisa di semplice ufficiale di cavalleria, entra nella sala terrena per una porta a sinistra.

La donna e mobile

The famous quartet in act three is actually a double duet with each of the characters given a musical identity – the ardent wooing of the Duke, with the main melody, as Maddalena laughingly puts him off, while outside Gilda has a sobbing figure in her vocal line and her father implacably urges revenge.

The old man cursed me! A quel segnale una ridente giovane, in costume di zingara, scende a salti la scala. And if one woman engllish me today, tomorrow, like as not, another will. To work, now …do as I say.


Without you, what would I have on earth? It’s a human body!

Oh, my dove, you must not leave me! He opens the gate with a key and enters the courtyard.

Rigoletto: Synopsis – Opera Libretti

Come, touch my breast and feel how my heart is racing. A man will fear nothing on earth when riggoletto his children’s honour. He tears off the mask and the blindfold. Left, a modest house with a small courtyard enclosed by walls. But all is now lost, the altar is cast down! Spessi lampi e tuoni.

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I asked infamy, O God, only for myself, so that she might be raised as high as I had fallen. ACT TWO A room in the ducal palace There is a door on each side and a larger one at the far end flanked by full-length englisj of the Duke and his wife.

The music always passes in this scene from jerky recitatives to fluid arias Piave had already arranged for the sets to be designed while Verdi was still working on the final stages of Act 3.