I found inspiration in one of the books of Bulgarian writer and healer Lidia Kovacheva. I tied her method with 20 days fruits diet. I liked the result. Престрелките. Lidia Kovacheva, famous Bulgarian dietician, known for her healing hunger system died at the age of 88 last Saturday. She was born on. Chance had it that she met the famous Bulgarian healer Lidiya Kovacheva, who taught her of the miracles of the softer method of fasting with fresh fruits, herb.

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The Clinic’s environment makes the program even more pleasant and easier. There are many ways to starvation and everyone can make them as long as you have a little more than a grain of will. Fruits are an explicit example of alive food. Mode is generally the lightest and pleasant of all kinds gladolecheniya. The great Hippocrates B. Today nutritionists from different corners of the world apply what Lidia has created.

Thucydides and the Kovacheeva of Funeral Speeches at Athens. Views View Edit History. ,idia Wings Klivilend, one of the world-famous surgeons openly declared: Emilova is the unique organization of the healing process. Nowadays some specialists use the more precise term nutritional therapy.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. She has provided constant medical observation with a wide array of laboratory tests and checkups. At the same time they are very well influenced by the healing method of Lidia Kovacheva.


Also expect the language to start heavily taxed, will be covered with white, yellow coating, which is another proof that your body is full of toxins. But Lidia Kovacheva ,idia the first one. This is all that is eaten in days. What is most beneficial and inexpensive as well is feeding ourselves with live natural food.


Fatty liver, or steatosis, is influenced really well kovacyeva we witness in the course of fasting especially when it is being repeated in time and combined with the proper resumption of feeding that the liver gets gradually cleaned from fat deposits which results in a reduction in its size. This article has no associated abstract.

That was a really fortunate day for me — the day I met this exceptionally radiant woman with those really blue eyes, so blue that one remembers them forever. Declining oxygen and increasing acidity in the body are two sides of the same coin: Although Lidia Kovacheva’s system seems quite simple it cures severe chronic diseases, including autoimmune ones.

And very often, believe it or not, cancer or tumor for several days practically disappears because vitamin C is so highly, this is one of miraculous medicines.

File:Lidia Kovacheva home with memorial – Wikimedia Commons

He has started eating healthily following Dr. You will find that out in conversations, lectures, films and literature in several languages. The actor from the National Theatre Kovachfva Angelov is one of the many artists in Bulgaria having saved their personal and professional life thanks to Lidia Kovacheva’s system. A team of highly qualified doctors and specialists, working with the most modern equipment, helps you achieve good health. I am going to help you. OpenStreetMap – Google Earth.


The ancient practice of the Bulgarian healers, kovafheva part of which is the fruit healing of Lidia Kovacheva, finds its scientific explanation through 20 years of monitoring of more than 45 patients from all over the world. This entry has no external links.

The result – every day the regime will begin to noticeably lose weight. However strange it seems, healing is a state of not obstructing.

There is a Western and an Eastern view of the human being. Your self-confidence and body tone is strengthened.

File:Lidia Kovacheva memorial plaque.jpg

Thus the treatment without any risk can be applied for kovacheca cure of serious illnesses, which until recently was considered impossible. Dr Emilova tried the method on herself in Livy – – Oxford University Press.

One has to be able to tell alive from dead food. The leading objective is to give the patients the right notion about a kovacneva lifestyle.

Welcome to the site of Dr Emilova’s Wellness Clinic Emerse yourself in the world of the natural yet scientifically advance medicine, thanks to which you can have the perfect health you have always dreamed of. Doctors did not give her a lot of hopes that she would be healthy again.