Hey guys, here’s my latest project, a Ligeti Stratos. This model is based on the real Stratos designed by Charles Ligeti. It’s an ultralight kit. After taxiing trials and several low level hops 5 to 10 feet above the ground, the pilot commenced the takeoff for the aircraft’s first test flight. This aircraft was intended to be the production version of the “Stratos” aircraft. The prototype version had successfully flown some hours.

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Ligeti Stratos

The undercarriage was a fixed tandem type with small outrigger wheels on the canard tips. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s stan All parts are cnc routed from 9mm depron. Thank you kindly nova. You want a strong joint here with no voids.

Jul 15, The pilot subsequently carried out a series of taxying tests, to establish the optimum position for the control column. How did you get on ligeto this model or did you set it aside?

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. You could slow it down all the way with full back pressure and the nose would just mush along.

Ligeti Stratos Aircraft – Open Source Microlight Ultralight Aircraft

Listen to this PDF. The pilot manipulated the throttle, but power was not regained. The main purpose of the “channel wing” was an attempt by the designer to lower the stall speed of the aircraft to 30 knots and to reduce both landing and takeoff speeds and distances. The use of full span elevators results in a relatively uniform loading of the canard as the elevator is deflected approaching the stall. Because the main wing is still producing lift at this stage the nose down pitch following the stall of the canard would be aggravated.


Eliworm, for my 36″ Stratos, I saved the original foam parts, used them as a template, and cut new ones to use in the build. Work on the Stratos was halted a few months later, no further aircraft were produced. Hey BB, yeah the Stratos got put on the back burner as I haven’t been feeling well with a serious health issue I’m dealing with.

Ligeti Stratos 45 inch from RCfoam. – RC Groups

I suggest you keep a check on our website for the next few weeks as we’ll have it up for sale soon. I’m strayos coming back to where I was a while back with my interest level in the hobby.

Analysis of the modifications indicates that the most significant effect on the stall characteristics would have resulted from use of full span elevators on the canard wing. Jul 30, Wildthing and bogusbandit56 like this.

Actually it’s strratos other way around. It doesn’t have the vertical my Lil Ligeti has, but I think I’ll keep it this way for a bit. SukhoiLover63 nova and Flybyknight22 like this. Also keep everything flat so as ilgeti to introduce any warps. Hi All, Paul Blymyer has released the 45 inch version of the original Ligeti he designed. This pipe has a flexible hose attached which delivers low pulsation pressures from the crankcase to one side of the diaphragm within the mechanical fuel pump.


Sratos of the main objectives of the Open Source Ligeti Stratos Project is to encourage the participation of commercial interests in the project to make engines, instrumentation, assemblies, materials and services available to individual builders through a coordinated supply chain. Last edited by Red Runner; Jan 07, at Then we get to see if it will fly.

Aviation safety investigations & reports

Last edited by eliworm; Jan 03, at The foam is lugeti so two pieces of scrap from the fuselage can be used. Please use the contact form to volunteer.

It is at post I buried some of my plane’s wiring inside before closing up. That is why I am building another one. The preparation included a determination of the centre of gravity, although no record was kept of these calculations.

Categories Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy Text of the printing and Typesetting industry. What were the differences between the two versions which already flew. Plans, prefabricated component parts and kits were expected to be made available, incorporating several refinements over the prototype, such as a larger cockpit and increased fuel capacity.

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