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Creating Assembly Drawings Chapter Multiple Mate mode The icon for Multiple Mate mode is in the Mate Selections panel, shown in Soludworks With Multiple Mate mode, you select one entity that you want to mate several parts to, such as a center plane that all the parts in an assembly use to line themselves up.

He also writes a blog on SolidWorks, which you can find at Matt lives in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where he enjoys reading the classics and fishing.

solidworks office professional

Any geometry that is not selected is included as a ghost it displays, but you cannot select it. The component is just a part or subassembly within an upper-level assembly. For example, lifro you have a large number of fasteners, you should put them in a folder so you solkdworks see the overall structure of the assembly rather than a huge list of one item.

One of the drawbacks of this technique is that you give up dynamic assembly.

solidworks office professional

The assembly, however, is generally not history-based. Another example of a useful assembly template would be a rendering setup with environment, background, and lighting. By making all of the features for all parts within a single part file, you make troubleshooting much more difficult, and rebuild times are dramatically increased. You will learn more about all of these techniques 20009 in this book.

SolidWorks Assemblies Bible – PDF

The Advanced configuration of the Appearance PropertyManager activated by clicking the Advanced toggle button at the top of the window has three additional tabs, named Mapping, Illumination, and Surface Finish.

Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic books. The right image shows the SpeedPak inserted into an assembly document, consisting of a single face and two solid bodies. Because not everyone models with the same goals in mind, a single set of rules can never apply for everyone. Depicting an assembly process such as order of operations Specifying dimensional assembly relationships and tolerances Establishing clearances and limits of motion Visualizing motion and spatial relationships between parts Designing parts in-context Creating a parts list for assembly Bill of Materials, or BOM Creating a parts list for purchasing Automating data entry through PDM product data management Staging renderings Creating data for downstream applications such as animation or motion analysis You can probably come up with a number of additional reasons for making CAD assemblies.


When you click the green check mark icon, the PropertyManager closes. In fact, almost as many reasons exist for making assemblies as there are people making those assemblies. The Tangent Edges Removed setting leaves parts looking like a silhouette.

SolidWorks 2011 Assemblies Bible

Between manipulating the view and manipulating the model, you have to be able to see all sides of geometry. Thanks also to Kim and Zoey, who help with the details in life allowing me to do this kind of work.

On the other hand, the master model method brings real power to projects such liveo the model car.

Images are saved in 200 as rectangular-shaped data. Removing appearances and overrides Just as important as the ability to apply appearances is the ability to remove appearances. For example, if your computer had to rebuild all the features in every part as well as all the mates, rebuild times would suffer greatly. In-context modeling can copy 3D surfaces between parts, but for an improved workflow for this type of work, you will have to read further into this chapter.

But then SolidWorks completely changed how you control the visual properties of parts. It only applies to inserted parts what the Help system calls derived parts. However, several situations can disrupt the process.

The toolbar icon is with the Tools icons, and you can find it by choosing ToolsCustomize or through the Tools menu in an assembly. The samples are stored by default at C: You may use it to magnify parts of your drawing, but remember that it will disappear as soon as you select something.

The in-context work lines the holes up between the parts. Previous to that, color controls had been difficult to access; at one point, they were buried four levels deep in RMB menus. It was developed primarily for the new architectural tools that are being added to SolidWorks, but it may also be appropriate for certain types of equipment, facility, or site design. Identifying types of assemblies The average SolidWorks user teorai an assembly is a collection of parts put together with mates that position ,ivro and may also allow motion.


If professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be solidwworks. In this kind of assembly, you might use patterns, configurations, in-context techniques, and so on. The cowling is made up of solodworks pieces because some of them are different colors, and some are transparent.

The Smart Fastener feature in the assembly FeatureManager is used to edit the definition of the Smart Fastener, which can include adding items such as nuts and washers.

While pritca people will agree that they have some work left to achieve that particular goal, I believe that approaching the interface intuitively, rather than attempting to remember it all by rote, is the best method.

Controlling Appearances with the DisplayManager Appearances can be displayed in three different ways in the DisplayManager: These locations show up in the Decals section of the Appearances tab on the Task Pane.

Cross-Reference The Layout feature is described in more detail in Chapter 6, while the technique using assembly sketches to sloidworks out an assembly is described in this chapter.

Some tools exist that help you get through the mates quickly. Tip Each Tip provides you with additional advice that makes the software quicker or easier to use. Multi-body modeling has advantages over in-context modeling in that it reduces external references although saving bodies out as parts creates an external referencebut it also has some drawbacks.