Editorial Reviews. Review. “A positively delightful story from a master yarn spinner!” –William Living with the Lama – Kindle edition by T. Lobsang Rampa. THIS WORK IS PROOF THAT ANIMALS ARE NOT THE ‘DUMB CREATURES’ MANY PEOPLE MAKE THEM OUT TO BE! This book is NOT a work of fiction, but . Results 1 – 30 of 74 LIVING WITH THE LAMA by LOBSANG RAMPA and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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You Forever – The first of two self-training books in metaphysics. Retrieved 23 December He and his wife, San Te, became Canadian citizens inalong with Sheelagh Rouse Buttercup who was his secretary and regarded by Rampa as his adopted daughter.

It diminished, died and was replaced by spirals of colour. During the story, Rampa sees yetis and eventually encounters a mummified body of himself from an earlier incarnation. How the world started, how it going and the evils of petroleum which is NOT a fossil fuel.

University of Chicago Press. Books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. His works are highly imaginative and fictional in nature. I think I remember the ending making me cry. I did “rescue” this one from Amazon or whomever lobswng I have a paperback at my housepublished latest edition but goes back to the ‘s has Siamese cat resting precariously on bald head in picture on front cover which I may try to upload later.

Lobsang Rampa

I read this book years ago and I really enjoyed the clever way in which the Lama’s Cat “writes” it’s own Diary, telepathically transmitted to the Lama Wisdom of the Ancients – The second of two self-training books in metaphysics. Their numerous travels – the sad sudden death of feline Fifi – and how she had to split company with Liging Rampa so he could depart to the eampa fields.

Francisco Pico rated it did not like it Jan 30, He made everything up. As the projecting sliver was being bound into place so that it could not move, the Lama Mingyar Dondup tje to me and said: He wrote many books about spiritual matters, beginning with ” The Third Pama “.


See ‘Meditation’ for more information. The book describes the operation as follows:. It laka written by a man named Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, and it purported to relate his experiences while growing up in Chakpori Lamasery, [1] ChokporiTibet, after being sent there at the age of seven.

If you are not getting anything out of his unique perspective on the world an The novelty of a psychic cat dictating to a Tibetan Lama who is under great public pressure for his claims about his extraordinary life surely open up the whole concept of possession as proposed by spiritualism.

I am a Siamese Cat who has traveled far and seen much. The direct path is in front yet; mankind continually takes the scenic route. I’ve the years I have borrowed the book to other who’re much older then o was when I read it and they didn’t shre the enthusiasm.

Thf and Tibetologist Heinrich Harrer was unconvinced about the book’s origins and hired a private detective from Liverpool named Clifford Burgess to investigate Rampa.

Living with the Lama: 25 Years with Lobsang Rampa by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

View all 3 comments. Lobsang Rampa went on to write another 18 books containing a mixture of religious and occult material.

Rampa, hte struggles they all endured – especially against the press who’s only interest is in selling newspapers at any cost – even if it means printing vile lies without letting those being persecuted defend themselves in any way. If you replace the word ‘Give’ with the word ‘Grant’ it’s more acceptable in western terms because you are requesting ‘Powers’ and NOT demanding.

Lobsang endures capture and torture until he once again, escapes by driving luxury cars. There are three other books which have maliciously used the name of T. This book explains in clear simple terms how to start learning certain metaphysics and the dos and don’t in achieving oiving goal. Want to Read saving….

The book store’s owner told me that “he’s a total fraud. CalgaryAlberta, Canada. Rampa’s books also discuss the state of humanity’s progress and he shows lobsamg how we can be a positive force for good, thus improving ourselves and helping our fellow humans and all sentient beings.

He did not deny that he had been born as Cyril Hoskin, but livinv that his body was now occupied by the spirit of Lobsang Rampa. Views Read Edit View history. I guess there’s a hint of charm to be found here and there along the way, but not enough to make up for the lack of both entertainment, atmosphere and substance.


Here is both the humour that survival requires and the sensible continuance of a story by someone who is obviously living with the proceeds of the Lama, no matter oobsang limited they may be. More exercises on breathing, stones, diets and why you shouldn’t exercise.

Hoskin had never been to Tibet and spoke no Tibetan.

Living with the Lama – T. Lobsang Rampa – Google Books

One of the books, Living with the Lamawas described as being dictated to Rampa by his pet Siamese catMrs. This technology is waiting for those who can use it for the benefit of mankind, that time is drawing near There are too many anomalies to the book for it to be genuine and when Madam Blavatsky is mentioned I think the culprit could very well be the Theasophical Society.

I felt a stinging, tickling sensation apparently lwma the bridge of my nose. It is nominally told from the perspective of a cat, and there are some charming moments.

Feb 14, Devo rated it it was ok. Lobsang witg much time living in concentration camps as the medical officer until the day he escaped. Lobsang’s final words before departing this world in January aged over a hundred years old. It was created by Gray Barker and published by Saucerian Books in who used Rampa’s name and manuscript without his permission. Been a fan of this booknfor years As a child, I found a copy of this lamma among my mother’s old books and read it so much that it fell apart.

For more guidance, see Wikipedia: I read a couple of the books of this series as a young girl but rmpa was my favorite from them all. The western understanding of the word ‘Give’ differs from the eastern.