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It’s also pretty ugly and kind of clunky, but it works and does the job.

Have saved hours every filtype with the assistance of their bank reconciliation set up. SAGE 50 is pretty easy to use and does have some neat features for the small to medium size company. If you complain loudly enough they will recommend you “start over” after a year or two by opening a new company for the new year.

d8e049 – Exercices corriges

Once I became familiar with this software and how to work my way around it, it has remained an integral part of our business accounting. Easy to use and covers all that I need for a small business owner logisttique is the the head cook and bottle washer. Oh so many things: I really dislike quickbooks reports which also have tiny fonts but that is personal preference.


All in all, a much better product than I have used at other companies. However, you will need some accounting background in order to fully utilities intfgrale product, that’s the only recent that I hold back the rating.

Additionally, it can be difficult to find support online because this is not a popular product. Canned reports are inadequate and can’t be customized. It is so simple with the convenience of being cloud-based.

They have thorough tutorials available to walk you through the basics. Simply HR Manager – Numerous limitations in the ‘Quantum’ version to prevent use by all but the smallest companies: Cannot open multiple records logistiuqe reviewing order history or item cards, POs, Invoices, etc. We want to make a really detailed statement for our board of trustees so that the non-financial people can understand the financial picture easier. I found Sage 50 to be glitchy in the past.

Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact for Migration

Some reports have limited time range parameters, so if you have a fiscal year that doesn’t fit into those parameters, it can be annoying to run more than one report and combine the information. The reports are a life saver when it comes time to do taxes or if I simply need to review something on an account. We were limited based on the number of items we wanted to track. There are a lot of improvement to the latest version, which allow much easy listing and printing from different ledgers write at the input window.


The payroll is awesome and easy to use. Bank reconciliation is also a breeze.

You can set up an assistant to begin entering basic transactions almost immediately. Access to my Accounts in real fletype on my mobile device. Was able to transfer 3 entities using an updated chart of accounts.

Avis sur Sage 50cloud –

I have had to call multiple times, and each and every time they patiently help me through my problem. It was a big fallout for us! Reports look nice and are somewhat easy to build.

It is an ideal software for small business, who need a little bit more than a simple profit and loss, but ability to track costs by departments or locations.

Not able to create the desired reports with ease. Journal entries are simple enough to put in and the general ledger reporting is very clean. We have not outgrown it even though our business has grown. I wish the cloud functionalities of Sage Drive were more versatile, and you could have at least 2 users working on it at the same time, rather than having one user as read-only.