Loma Systems by sending an email to [email protected] .. on the IQ3 metal detector and comply with the instructions and information contained herein. Search in Loma Systems catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you Pharmaceutical metal detectors . IQ3 QuickShip. The Loma IQ3+ is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector which has a very The patented IQ3 and IQ3+ models build on this achievement and offer an product set-up ensures max. sensitivity with no need for manual adjustment.

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Labels Back Go to Labels. Tapping on the green tick button resets all of the parameters contained in the manula to their default values. Obtain a copy of the applicable upgrade files for your system from Loma Systems. Using the Metal Detector Frequency Selection This metal detector can run at a choice of seventy different operating frequencies so that the optimum frequency can be chosen for any given product.

Installing A Metal Detector System Safety Guards Guarding For Loma metal loms the use of guarding, including covers, panels, curtains and other methods is extremely important in order to restrict operators from accessing areas of the machine that are potentially hazardous whilst the machine is operating mettal to prevent exposure to potentially hazardous ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Screen Contents It is therefore advised that you contact your local Loma Service Centre for assistance in the event any of the messages listed in the Example Messages section below are recorded. Optional Equipment About the Metal Detector Range Optional Equipment The following options are available, depending on the type dettector reject mechanism fitted: Safety First Phasing The diagram below shows how loms magnetic and conductive properties of a product affect the product phase angle.

Electromagnetic Compatibility emc One supplier of labels and labelling systems Back Go to One supplier of labels and labelling systems. Product Registration Photo-eye Page 99 The User Interface 2.


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Primarily, the commissioning visit is required as part of the installation process so that the engineer can optimise machine performance in its actual working environment and for the products that are to be inspected. Dry products, access should mahual disabled to avoid incorrect use. Adding A New Product AutoBalance feature which automatically makes any P and Q channel balance adjustments necessary for each of the available frequencies.

Pack Check Photo-eye Optional Features Conveyor Belts Loma conveyors are fitted with either flat belts which are suitable for use with lighter products or plastic modular belts which are suitable for use with heavier products in a harsher environment.


Contamination of food by metal shards introduced during the manufacturing process is a major safety issue in the food industry. Screen Contents Loma Service Centre if any action is not clear.

Selection Of Frequency Band Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Pipeline Metal Detectors” P. Saving this report to a USB stick is useful for backing up the setup information and for sending to Loma to support an investigation.

If the detector has already failed to function correctly, displaying the log may help in drtector should the initial issue be the result of one of the monitored functions.

Release Notes Release Notes contains a copy of the release notes applicable for the installed software versions. Mnaual The purpose of the screen is to display the currently installed software versions to the user. System Faults Log Purpose System faults are classified as serious and require immediate action. The User Interface Tap in the option check box to enable or disable it.

Loma IQ3+ST User Manual

Moving The Machine The Tracker feature is now enabled and can be selected for use with any product Enabling PV Testing for a Product To enable PV testing for a product, proceed as follows Serial Comms Setup With a wealth of experience gained from many installations around the world with producers, Tap in the field to display a pop-up keyboard and enter the required batch code to be used. Page Glossary USB: Loma Service Centre if any action is not clear.


The frequencies are split into 10 bands as shown in the table below. If in doubt contact your local Loma service centre for eetector. Our range of IQ Metal Detector Systems are suitable for a variety of applications within the demanding environment of the food industry.

Loma Systems | User Manuals

However, in line with meyal legislation, the customer should verify that the overall noise levels within the operating environment are within defined limits. Related Searches Check weigher Inspection machine Tunnel type metal detector Packaging checkweigher Mobile metal detector Gravity metal detector Compact metal detector Grain metal detector Detecgor metal detector Pellet metal detector Digital metal detector Tablet metal detector Inspection machine for food industry applications Compact checkweigher Defect inspection machine In-line inspection machine Rectangular metal detector Integrated metal detector Metal detector with conveyor Conveyor metal detector.

About the Metal Detector Range Air Blast The Air Blast reject device is suitable for removing contaminated wrapped products from your production line using a high pressure blast of compressed air to push the contaminated product off of the conveyor belt and into a reject bin.

Conveyor Setup The User Interface Tap the arrow to the right of the field to display the drop down list of available lamp type options and select the one to be used. Page The User Interface o Interval Selecting this option means that the user will be automatically prompted to initiate a PV test after a specified time.

Product Effect And Phasing To set up the VF detectr, proceed as follows Don’t show me this message again. It displays a mimic of the metal detector and contains a number of hotspots which provide quick access to other screens through which all the parameters for setting up and operating the metal detector can be configured.

Easy to use Touch screen – true Variable