Nov. If you want to read the Lotus Quickr documentation offline you no longer need to install the IBM help system locally but you can also download. Product Description. IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software. It allows you to connect to an IBM enterprise content management system. Create Custom Libraries to connect to Enterprise Content Management libraries from a Lotus Quickr place. You can then create new documents, edit existing.

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The following table shows the default profile location if another location it is not specified during installation: DB2 directory structure Lotus Quickr automatically installs DB2 on the supported platforms shown below.

Extend the functionality of the Communities application by adding custom widgets. Lotus Quickr release notes This document provides a collection of links to important information about Lotus Quickr, and also includes custom queries to the Lotus Quickr Support site to help you locate the latest information on limitations, known issues and workarounds.

After the transfer is completed, the documents can be restored to the places in the Oracle database.

Installing and configuring IBM Lotus Quickr integration | Alfresco Documentation

Updating the federated database user registry Choose this option to update certain parameters such as the data source name, database URL, and database type to fix issues with your database user registry.

The following table shows the default WebSphere Application Server location if it is not otherwise specified during installation.

This option should not be performed until you are ready to take the Lotus Quickr 8. You can create a subset of employees and create a Documetnation Portal that contains the application or information for that realm. It replaces My Places functionality from previous releases. In environments with multiple servers or even multiple clusters you have two deployment options: The Lotus Quickr uninstallation program provides a console interface, which enables you to perform an interactive uninstallation from a command prompt.

See steps for configuring this deployment quifkr Configuring multiple servers for one places catalog. Accessibility features Accessibility features help users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology products successfully.


IBM Lotus Quickr

These instructions describe how to share database domains when setting up an environment with multiple clusters. If you are planning to install two separate copies of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment on the same system for the deployment manager and Lotus Quickr on the same computer, review the coexistence requirements in the WebSphere Application Server documentation before installing these products:.

Synchronizing user data using administrative commands IBM February 2, 1 comment. The configuration task enable-jcr-security dlcumentation fail if there is a space in the LDAP user’s fully qualified distinguished name DN. When installing or uninstalling with a response file, the installation program can retrieve information from the response file that would otherwise be entered by the user, such as the directory where Lotus Documenyation is to be installed or the location of WebSphere Application Server.

IBM English accessible edition. Thus, a Lotus Quickr cluster is simply a collection of multiple Lotus Quickr servers that are identically configured. The procedure removes one site from the cluster while the other site takes the full user load. The following link launches a customized query of the live Support knowledge base: The default, in seconds, is If your target system includes extended resources like ECM and Lotus Quickr connectors, custom themes, or custom portlets, there are additional considerations for a successful migration.

Lotus Quickr can also be installed or uninstalled from a command line through the use of a response file.

Except for fixes and configuration changes required to enable migration, the 8. When installing on an IPv6 system using the installation wizard you have to install on dual docimentation system configured with both IPv4 and IPv6. Lotus Quickr allows the following methods for login and authentication:. Before you begin installing or uninstalling, disable or turn off any screen saver software that is running on the machine. Product overview Strong collaborators achieve healthier business growth.

Introducing IBM Lotus Quickr REST services

Updates of data in the shared domain are critical because they influence the other production line. Ensure the database you plan to use is supported by this version of Lotus Quickr.


The installation program provides the base for Lotus Quickr doucmentation well as any additional components, enabling you to implement components individually as you need them. Single sign-on Single sign-on allows you a secure method of authenticating a user one time within an environment to provide access to other quicmr, systems, and lottus. Custom portlets deployed on the target server will be migrated to documdntation target Lotus Quickr 8.

Upon completion of the migration, these fully qualified links must be updated to point to the content on the Lotus Quickr 8. When installing the secondary node, instead of connecting the node to the entire database used by the primary node, complete the following steps:. In this scenario, you use an existing Lotus Quickr installation to form the primary node and create a new cluster from a single server installation.

Administrators can disable the ability to install the library plug-in and set upload restrictions on file size and file type. There is no command line or programmatic method to import or export templates.

This guide is designed to help your users become productive on the new software quickly, and to provide them with links to documentation resources for further help. Those branches can be qulckr of a single repository, for example an LDAP user registry, or it can be a combination of multiple user registries.

Installing and configuring IBM Lotus Quickr integration

Console interface The Lotus Quickr installation program also provides a console interface, which enables you to perform an interactive installation or uninstallation from a command prompt. Place managers can restrict uploads to the library by file type and file size.

Tasks required to remove the default file-based repository Task Description Change the user registry where users and groups are stored This task changes the default repository lotue new users and groups are stored. Keyboard navigation Use the following key combinations to navigate the interface by keyboard: