This image, which was originally posted to Panoramio, was automatically reviewed on 12 September by Panoramio upload bot, who confirmed that it was. Los líquenes tienen un importante papel como bioindicadores de lectura inmediata de la contaminación medioambiental, de los cambios. PDF | On Jan 1, , M. Regina CARBALLAL DURÁN and others published Líquenes epifitos como indicadores de la contaminación atmosférica, II. Utilización.

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The lichen comunity was evaluated in Juana Koslay City, San Luis Argentinaas environmental pollution bio-indicators. The urban area was compared against biokndicadores control areas with no pollution sources. In the urban area there is a growing human population and fixed and movile sources of pollutants.

The assumption of the method is that the frequency of species will be reduced when the pollutants increase. Ecological parameters like diversity, richness and equitativity were determined.


According to the results, the areas evaluated do not present differences in the values of IAP neither in lichen diversity.

The results would indicate homogeneity in the air in the study lquwnes, even though the areas chosen have remarkable differences in ground use urban area vs. Las formaciones vegetales en la provincia de San Luis. Mapping lichen diversity as an indicator of environmental quality. Monitoring with lichens-Monitoring lichens P.

File:Bioindicadores-Apotecios de líquenes (II) – panoramio.jpg

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Sources of error in epiphytic lichen variables mapped as bioindicators: Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlandspp. Biodiversity of epiphytic bioindlcadores and heavy metal contents of Flavoparmelia caperata thalli as indicators of temporal variations of air pollution in the town of Montecatini Terme central Italy.


Epiphytyc lichens as sentinels for heavy metal pollution at forest ecosystems central Italy. Biodiversity of epiphytic lichens and air pollution in the town of Siena Bioincicadores Italy. Identifying deviations from naturality of lichen diversity for bioindidations purposes.

File:Bioindicadores-Apotecios de líquenes (II) – – Wikimedia Commons

A new scale for the interpretation of lichen biodiversity values in bjoindicadores Tyrrenian side of Italy. A retrospective study using epiphytic lichens as biomonitors of air quality: Ediciones Omega, Barcelona, pp.

Atlas del Gran Chaco Sudamericano. Buenos Aires, 95 pp. Monitoring lichens as indicators of pollution.

File:Bioindicadores-Apotecios de líquenes – – Wikimedia Commons

Studies on lichens and atmospheric pollution in Argentina. Relationship between epiphytic lichens, trace elements and gaseous atmospheric pollutants. Octubre de ; Aprobado: