LV covers tests for electric and electronic components for use in motor vehicles up to 3,5 t with a 12 V electric mOhm. Tolerances & standard values. LV Automotive test standard bij Hielkema Testequipment. The LV includes several mechanical, climatic and life tests, such as the K damp heat. ISO , Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment, is an ISO standard which provides guidance .

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Hereby additional electronic switches are necessary. Other definitions Ri Terminal designations f Internal resistance of the voltage source Acc. In addition, the contact resistances of lv1124 and contacts must be measured. If modifications to individual test sections become necessary in individual cases, these must be agreed upon separately between the responsible specialized department and the relevant manufacturer.

Voltage- and current control

Models 35 V Voltage max. Serial Operation For high-voltage applications, instruments can be connected. Electrical loadsGeneva, Switzerland: Service life requirements Table 43 shows the typical parameters for the service life requirements.

Functional status A must always be fulfilled within the voltage range applicable for the component. For cycles the total test duration is therefore 1 h. Unless otherwise defined in the Component Performance Specifications, an appropriate type of application must be selected for each chemical acc.

PCB, soldering agent, flux, solder, layout, location or partsthe test must be repeated. The maximum test voltage results from commercial vehicle systems and their increased power supply voltage. The fuse rated current of the vehicle fuse system must not be exceeded during the test. The test serves to verify the quality and reliability of the component with respect to faults that occur due to thermomechanical load, e.


The characteristics must be combined for components that can be used in both cases. Memory functions must always remain in functional status A. In principle, this temperature distribution is a continuous distribution, as stqndard ambient temperature of the component may adopt any value etandard Tmin and Tmax.

The parameters contained can be adjusted project-specific. Test pulse E Slow decrease, quick increase of the supply voltage 4. The reverse polarity must not cause pre-damage or hidden damage on the component. Bridge switch must be toggled at one amplifier For three stqndard more instruments in series, an internal isolation amplifier in each instrument is necessary.

ISO – Wikipedia

Abbreviations for voltages and currents 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Passenger car German abbreviation The system or component to be tested device under test Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Power Spectral Density Substrate without mounted parts for general electronics PCB, ceramic, leadframe, flexband etc. The following sequence must be complied with for this purpose: Output voltage and current can be limited and also over temperature shutdown is stsndard.

Each pin is to be removed for 1 ms and then replaced, satndard circuits with relays ?

A deviating value stanndard the permissibility of functional status C must be defined in the Component Performance Specifications. Splash water test splashing times Figure Undefined operating statuses must not occur under any circumstances.

Signal Quality Rise time: Cockpit-spray by Motip CAS e. The DUT must not be opened until after completion of the complete test sequence chapter 7. Functional status C Test case 3: This makes these 4-quadrant amplifiers unique in the world market. The valid temperature spectrum must be documented in the Component Performance Specifications. Additional or deviating requirements, test conditions and tests must be defined in the respective Component Performance Specifications.


This leads shandard an immense reduction of power dissipation. Higher currents than in the normal load case e. This must be complied with under any lv12 at-rest conditions of the vehicle and at any h period. If required, contractor and purchaser must coordinate the adaptation of the lv12 temperature and test humidity while increasing the test duration acc.

LV Test equipment at SIBO Electronic

The stadard values must meet the specifications. It is possible to connect additional system components e. Cascading One waveform can be simulated synchronously with several amplifiers Each DUT has its own sense. All selections in the instrument are done automatically.

The following documents must be attached to the test report: The test serves to verify the resistance to storage at high or low temperatures, e. Permissible event log entries must be coordinated with the purchaser and must be stipulated. Assuming that the component maintains the temperature after 20 min, we have a holding time of 35 min.

Retrieved from ” https: The voltage curve on T.