Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. Lynxmotion SSC32U Servo Controller Board. Electronics Guide. Lynxmotion SSCU USB Servo Controller Board. Revisions. V August Feedback. Users Manual SSC Ver SSC Ver Manual written for firmware version SSCXE. Range is mS to mS. Lynxmotion, Inc. PO Box

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If you do see a flashing light with no movement check the channel you plugged the servo into. The VS2 input controls all the servos across the top of the board.

In any case, let me show you how you would hook up your 6VDC power supply to the SSC board to run everything from this one supply.

Lynxmotion SSC-32

However, now I would like it to do cool st With the jumpers in this position, your board will be set for a Baud Rate ofwhich is what the computer should expect. Note that once a new value is sent to the board the old position and speed will be overwritten. This set of jumpers is simple.

Otherwise, your computer will not talk to the board. Note that is the default and should not be changed unless required. If it is not, double click on the number it lynxmorion set for and select from the drop down menu that appears. Again, make sure that COM1 is set to the rate you see above Baud Rate – Select the appropriate baud rate.


You will get a dialog box. With the configuration above, you would need the supply hooked up to the VL inputs only.

Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller

The power simply won’t be there. All your servos AND the board itself. Let’s check your computer’s Com Port first. You will notice that 2 jumpers are also in place in area 13 in the lower scs-32 hand corner. Now, you should make sure that both Ssx-32 and your computer in general have the com port that you are using set to the same Baud Rate. First, click the “Start” button on your computer desktop. These do exist, but they are much harder to find and pricier than the 5VDC power supplies.

That can cause problems like the servos not having enough power to move the weight they are supposed to move. Type in the following exactly as it appears on the next line, then click OK:.

In the project, I will have a camera to overlook four differen The Lynxmotion SSC has servo position feedback information that is used to update the RoboRealm servo variable if specified based on where the servo currently is.

Example Click here to load a configuration to move a servo in response to movement in front of the camera. It is hard to lyjxmotion a 4. To make it easier than looking at the actual board, here is a diagram of the board with NO jumpers in place:. Refer to the picture below:. They are VS inputs which stands for “Voltage to Servos” The VS1 input controls all the servos in the row across the bottom of the board.


As the servo rate can be changed the servo may not immediately adjust lunxmotion position to the final destination but slowly move towards it.

There are 3 separate Voltage input areas. Note the channel number which corresponds to the channel number of the Lynxmotion SSC board. Variable – Select an appropriate variable that contains lynxmoyion will contain the position value that will be sent to the servo board. Now, open up VSA.

Try waving your hand in front of the camera. Current is a measure of available power. Go to “Tools” and then “Settings”.

Lynxmotion SSC Tutorial

Analog will set lynxmotin number between 0 and depending on the voltage across the pins. Be sure that the camera button is pressed and you have a webcam attached to your computer.

Bank – Select the appropriate bank of servos that you would like to configure.