M3UA seamlessly transports SS7 MTP3 user part signaling messages over IP using SCTP. M3UA-connected IP endpoints do not have to conform to standard. MTP 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA). Member of the SIGTRAN protocol family. XXX – add a brief M3UA description here. The following SIGTRAN protocols in this section: IUA. M2PA, MTP2 User Peer-to- Peer Adaptation Layer. M2UA, MTP2 User Adaptation Layer. M3UA, MTP3.

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It is sent by the initiator of an association to its peer to complete the initialization process. SG is an SS7 node with a point code.

Spare This field should be set potocol zero. The message class The following message classes are available:. Likewise, IP telephony applications would have access to SS7 services. M2UA format of variable-length parameters. Cannot support ISUP services.

The supported version is 1 Release 1. The delivery mechanism described here allows for full MTP3 message handling and network management capabilities between any two SS7 nodes, communicating over an IP network.

The format of variable-length parameters is as follows:. The parameter field contains the time values.

Tech Stuff – SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP)

Version The version field contains the version of the M2UA adapation layer. Parameter tag The Parameter tag identifies the type of parameter. A device that converts from one protocol to another. User Data Link Status. This chunk precedes any Data chunk sent within the association, but may be protoocol with one or more Data chunks in the same datagram. SCTP’s multi-streaming allows data to be delivered in multiple, independent streams, so that if there is data loss in one stream, delivery will not be affected for the other streams.


This includes message transfer between m3ha following: SG can have upper SS7 layers, e. Allows for multiple virtual connections on the same physical line.

The M3UA header structure is as follows:. SG is not an SS7 node and has no point code. This chunk precedes any Data chunk sent within the association, but may be bundled with one or more Data chunks in the same SCTP datagram.

It uses two extra variable parameters: The following is the format of the SCTP header:. Mu3a parameter fields contain the time k3ua. The Selective ACK also contains zero or more fragment reports.

RFC – Signaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 3 (MTP3) – User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)

SUA can enhance the efficiency of the network and provides a means for simpler implementations. It must not affect the operation of SCTP. SCN signaling nodes would have access to databases and other devices in the IP network domain that do not use SS7 signaling links.

Problems, comments, suggestions, corrections including broken links or something to add? Data chunks are not bundled with the abort, control chunks may be bundled with an abort, but must be placed before the abort in the SCTP datagram or they will be ignored. This is dependent on the chunk ID.


The protocol consists of a common message header followed by parameters as defined by the message type. Heartbeat Request HEARTBEAT An endpoint should send this chunk to its peer endpoint of the current association to probe the reachability of a particular destination transport address defined in the present association.

Version Contains the version of the IUA adaptation layer. Verification Tag The receiver of this 32 bit datagram uses the Verification tag to identify the association.

Chunk Value This field contains the actual information to be transferred in the chunk. The SCTP user can specify at startup time the number of streams to be supported by the association. Needs the SCCP services.

MTP3 routes the message back to the origination SP. The supported version is 1. MTP3 routes from point code to point code. In these networks, there may be some need for interworking between the SS7 and IP domains.

A standard IP layer. Message Length Defines the length of the message in octets including the common header. Message Classes and Types The following list contains the valid message classes:.