Buy Madame Antoine – Season 1: Read 3 Movies & TV Reviews – Buy Madame Antoine – Season 1: Read 4 Movies & TV Reviews – Ko Hye-Rim (Han Ye-Seul) is a famous fortune-teller. She is known as “Madame Antoine” and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that.

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She stares at him and exclaims that there is no bag in her hands, and then she starts pointing out even more items to buy. Ha, Hye Rim throws him a curveball.

Naturally, Hye-rim is shocked. The both of them just sit in silence, enjoying the movie. Aw, is it the effect of his kiss?

Seung-chan has a little talk with Soo-hyun about his antonego for the experiment. This leads him to check up on drones on his tablet. Soo-hyun waits outside for her, having prepared a lovely fireplace and a romantic movie.

This naturally gets Soo-hyun disturbed. Sure enough, Soo Hyun paces in his office, wondering what else he can do to become attractive in her eyes. Unable to take it anymore, she feigns a throw-up and gets admitted to the hospital. Man she watches all these fantastic sappy love movies.


Soo-hyun wants to know how Hye-rim discovered his identity as the flower sender. People in a relationship live off antoniefo affection they have left for one another. Ah not good news Soo-hyun…so he grabs her by the arm and she asks once more. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Madame Antoine Ep 9 – Couch Kiss

He tells them, with a letter from Do-kyung primary source haha that Do-kyung wishes to stay with him and his new wife. Ju Ni ie Jae Kyung, the Rainbow one, D1 finds her acting a bit too scary — like what if that was her real character?!?!

She inhales with glee, though she accidentally smears the sauce on her lips. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Ju-ni gets so upset and fake cries her way through, wanting people to take her side. She reads it and the content is so frivolous she snorts at every single one of it. It triggers his childhood memory, and he reels into anoniego in reality as he tosses the remaining ice cream into the bin. One More Happy Ending: Call me a psychologist too!!


Madame Antoine: Episode 3 Recap

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Seung-chan learns how the reading is made: Soo-hyuk blurts that he likes her. Hye-rim impatiently waves the food away and when the servers have left, the two are ready to duel. Not unlike a mother or an elder sister, she berates Ju Ni for being the attention seeker, for being disrespectful. Turns out that such behaviour is a symptom, common among people who have histrionic personality disorder.

Girl says she figured out the reason, and asks for him to teach her about psychology instead, if he wanted his percentage raised. You are commenting using your WordPress. What about the shopping? That alerts Soo Hyun and Seung Chan, who are back from dinner and finding the office door locked. In a flashback, we see the scene of the November accident.