Manual de Truficultura Andaluza. Morcillo M, Moreno-Arroyo B, Pulido E, Sánchez M. 1ªed. Ed. Fundación Gypaetus. Consejería de. Read the latest magazines about Truficultura and discover magazines on Yumpu .com. Manual de Truficultura aquí – Micología Forestal Aplicada · micofora. We have more than forty years experience in the truffle world and we offer our services that encompass the whole truffle production process. C/ Aragón, 9

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In terms of the soil, if the slightest doubt arises over its suitability, a complete physical-chemical analysis will be necessary, as well as a correct interpretation of the results, to evaluate the possibilities of growing truffles.

Truffle books

In respect to pH, the range is also broader for the summer truffle, between 7 and 8. The truth is, the first years of trufficulture in Spain were not very successful, the seedlings commercialized in the s by a few Spanish companies and one or two French and Italian ones, were, in general, quite poor in terms of the quality of the mycorrhization, and thus the first plantations that should have served as examples to encourage others with their first fruits were instead disappointments.

Realizing the plantation requires prior preparation of the plot, ensuring that good seedlings are purchased, not only in terms of trufiicultura but also in mycorrhizal quality. We supply truffle growers who subject the seedlings to the most demanding controls. Woodland structure favorable to the natural production of truffles.

Plots surrounded by forest pines, holm oaks, etc. This amnual will be reserved for the summer truffle only, given that precipitation is generally less than in the previous case.

What is a mycorrhizated seedling?

One must always keep in mind that precipitations are irregular and that fe years may be dry, without enough rainfall for the good development of the truffles. Manua control methods for seedlings avoid this problem by speaking of a minimum number of mycorrhizated apexes and not giving all importance to the percentage. A Evaluation and advice regarding inoculations of adult trees. Aspect of truffle mycorrhizas as seen through a stereoscopic magnifying glass.

One such practice commonly carried out by truffle hunters is to place one or two handfuls of dead leaves usually the same leaves of the truffle tree or those from some nearby bush, such as juniper or savin, herbs, or even dried herbaceous plants into the hole where the truffle was extracted, and then to cover the hole with the same soil that was removed from it.


Regarding the presence of fungi in the root other than Tuber truficulfuravarious considerations should be kept in mind: He will speak about the latest research on genetics and mainly new findings on truffle life cycle, so we can understand the key points on sexual reproduction truficulturra how to use them in our plantations.

The truffles form ectomycorrhizas with forest species; in the case of the black truffle, it primarily associates with holm oaks, oaks, hazelnut trees, kermes oaks, etc.

In Marcos wrote the quality standards to certify truffle infected trees for the Government of Andalucia Spain.

The truffle dog is the inseparable companion of the truffle grower when the time comes to gather truffles. These advantages for both parties described here are only the most mabual ones. Plantation years of age; at this age of the plantation, tilling the soil with a cultivator or harrow is normal. Little has been done to maintain the productive truffle truficultkra of many woodlands.

We consider the service of analyzing soil for trufficulture to be fundamental as a support for many agriculturalists who wonder if their land is suitable for growing truffles. Mycorrhizated seedlings may be rejected for various reasons:. One or two liters of organic mix is placed in each hole at a depth of 20 to 25 cm.

The process of mycorrhization and the precautions necessary to produce a quality seedling are the following: Everything about it has been steeped in mystery, from its formation and growth hidden beneath the ground to its harvesting and commercial and gastronomic aspects, etc.

We usually begin checking the batches to evaluate the state of mycorrhization in late September and throughout October. After almost 20 years of working in the mycorrhization of the black truffle, we have established a method that produces a quality mycorrhization of the entire batch; the seedlings present abundant mycorrhizas free of contaminants by early October in seedlings inoculated the previous spring.

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Root ball in wich roots are visible with mycorrhizated ends. The dog will still have to wait some years before scratching the soil with his paws. A mycorrhizated seedling is the symbiosis between a plant and a fungus. It is common practice and logical for some truffle growers or associations who are making a combined purchase, to request sample seedlings before planting to examine the batch or batches that they will use to plant.


Disinfection of the acorn to eliminate contaminants prior to its planting. The controls are made on batches and each batch has a specific number of seedlings; each batch of seedlings is generally defined by the same inocula; the inocula consists of truffle spores that come from a specific number of truffles, etc.

Manual de truficultura andaluza – Google Books

Some aspects of the seedling are clearly visible: We will describe below the most important points about truricultura holm oak Quercus ilexand the Portuguese or gall oak Quercus fagineawhich are the two species most used in truffle plantations. Map of the distribution of the truffle in Spain The distribution of vegetation in a territory is determined by a series of factors such as altitude witch determines the bio-climactic floorsprecipitation wich determines the ombroclimaand the type of soil.

By the term trufficulture we mean the cultivation of truffles by way of seedlings of forest species holm oaks, oaks, etc. Es truricultura sustrato completo con la materia organica incorporada listo para utilizar. Occasionally, it is necessary to make a later control of the same batch or it may simply be invalidated. B We can provide inoculant or productive substrates with truffle spores to favor what has been described in the above section.

Thus, sunnier zones are more suitable for the black trugicultura, and the shadier ones for T. Buy Seedlings If truuficultura wish to start or expand a plantation, please contact us.

It is also known as the summer truffle because it is gathered during the summer months, between May and August. At the same time, they are a very important natural resource from the economic perspective. These truficultra are made from mid-March to mid-June in productive plantations and in plantations about to begin production. Pedro Marco, is a researcher at Zaragoza University.